Saturday, April 30, 2011


Shaklee is running an amazing special right now that I thought was worth mentioning.  They have put together a special bundle of their cleaning supplies for $30.  The package includes  "Basic H2 (16 oz), Two Spray Bottles, Get Clean Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Get Clean Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate, Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate (32 oz), and Shaklee Energy™. Only available at the time of sponsoring, at the amazing Member Price of $30.*"
If you purchase this, you also get a free membership.  This is a great opportunity to begin the journey to a healthier home!  I encourage everyone to use "green" cleaning products.  One of my members is purchasing this package/membership for her mom and grandmother for a mother's day gift...what a great idea!
Basic H is organic and one 16 oz bottle makes 48 gallons of cleaner!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 In the boxes are supplies that would normally be kept in a "junk" drawer.  I love white boxes to hide stuff!
 Using all one color dishes is an easy way to make your cabinets look really streamlined.

This is the top part of her "pantry".  Not too special but I love these big glass containers that hold flour, sugar and another mystery white baking substance;)

Monday, April 25, 2011

The "Queen"

Over the next few days I am going to feature a few areas in my mom's home.  She is selling her house and one of her friends helped her stage it.  It looks awesome!
Today the spotlight is on her closet...

She chose blue with white accents.  Everything is labeled and put away in containers.

All of her clothes are color coded and organized by type (pants, shirts, summer and winter)

I love how everything is so streamlined.  A great way to start your closet organization is to have all of the same hangers facing the same direction.
What do you think???
Stay tuned for bathroom, kitchen and linen closets...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hall Closet

Yesterday was another day when I had a spare few minutes to clean out the hall closet.  Since I am trying to purge 30 in 30 I thought the hall closet was a good place to start.  I knew there were a lot of coats in there and really, there is no reason for me (who is non stylish) to have more than 2-3 coats.  One thing that really bothers me is that there is ZERO light in the closet or the hallway near it.  Maybe someday we will get a light fixture installed...

So here are the befores.  It was hard to take pics cause the hall is small and dark...
 The kids "spare" coats are on the top right and my coats are on the bottom right.
 The mystery pile in the back left is just that...a pile of random, begging to be tossed items.

In the middle of the redo.  Notice the random potty training seat...yes, the hall closet is a great spot to keep that...note my sarcasm!
 That pile of coats on the floor are all of the ones that are going to be out during our yard sale.  There were 7 that I got rid of!
 The kids had a great time playing with hats and winter gear...

 I used these two cloth bins.  One for hats and one for the grown up winter gear.
 These are the afters...not too impressive but the whole space is clutter free!

Have you taken a few minutes to organize a space?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Behind the Fridge

Last night my hubs spilled a glass of water and most it went under the refrigerator.  So nothing like a Sunday night project that involved cleaning behind/ under the fridge.  I had been waiting to do this so that D could help me move the fridge.  When he did, I felt like crying and throwing you want to see what was under my refridgerator in my "clean" home???
We were both so grossed out...

 But really ten minutes later with the help of my Dyson and a little Basic H...

I know that I rave about Basic H, but really...look at the floors!  There was sticky stuff and dust and ick! I just love love love how it doesn't have a smell either...if you are considering switching to healthy cleaning products, this is the way to go!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

30 in 30

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs and Jen is hosting a challenge for the month of April.  She challenges her readers to purge 30 items in 30 days.  I love this idea!  To be honest, I throw out/ donate things all of the time.  I can't stand "stuff" but there are some spots that need to be cleaned out for sure!  The boys have large closets and I know that there are things lurking in the corners that can be tossed.  I don't even want to think about the attic cause that has been our "toss" place for the past 4 years.  Our neighborhood hosts a huge yard sale and we have vowed to go up there before hand...but that's a whole other post.
Anyway, do you think you can do this?  Purge (donate, throw out, give to a friend) 30 things in 30 days?  If you want to participate, just leave me a comment.  I am going to take pictures (or try) of the things that I throw out.  On Saturdays I will post the pictures and any pictures that you send me of your purges.
This is so exciting!
On that note, there are some things that make it easier to get rid of things.  I try and think about the true purpose of things.  For example, I don't keep many of the projects that come home from preschool and church.  I toss them.  If I kept all of their art work it would be overwhelming.  So I usually pick one project per season and get rid of the rest.  Then I store that in a box (I have one per child) and sometimes I take pictures of special things too.  (takes up less space)  It's probably easy for me because I am not really sentimental and I don't see much value in keeping things.  The other good rule of thumb is that if you haven't used it in the past 12 months, get rid of it!  That old video camera, those shoes that might come back into style, the kids old stuffed animals...
Good luck and let me know if you are "in"!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Why It Matters

Why does it matter if I use regular products to clean my home?  I have been reading so much about the dangers of the ingredients in regular household cleaning products.  It is so scary!!!

Since switching to nontoxic, natural household cleaners, we are noticing big changes!  My husband has asthma but hasn't had ANY problems since we switched. I love how the cleaners don't have a harsh smell, it really makes a difference!
Here are some emails that I have gotten from people that have recently switched to Shaklee's Get Clean line.
"I'm in LOVE!! That cleanser is wonderful. Its so nice to use one bottle for everything. Thanks!!"

"Getting more familiar with my Shaklee products. Totally loving them. The window wiper is awesome!"

I really challenge you to think about will even save you money!  

Here are the links to get started:

Get Clean Kit

Get Clean Mini Kit

Get Clean Kitchen

Get Clean Healthy Home Pack

Don't forget, this month if you spend $30 you get a free life time membership!!!

Healthy Home

Monday, April 4, 2011

Featured Organizer!

I am sooo excited to post my first "featured" organizer!  My friend, Jess, has recently started a new blog that is fabulous!  It May Be One Messy Life, But It's Mine (great title) is a fun blog about one mommy's journey and her quest for organizing.  Jess sent me these pictures of her before and afters and they look great!
Here is the before shot of her kitchen counter:

 And the after shot:

 Love the flowers, they brighten up the room!

I love how Jess tackled a small area in her home and made it look so great!  I am hoping to feature more of her before and afters as she continues her journey:)  Stop by and follow her blog~

So one more time!

And AFTER!!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


It's a new month which means a new Shaklee special!  
Jump on this one!!!

Join Shaklee for Free this month with a $30 minimum order.  Shaklee will wave the $19.95 member fee with $30 or more orders.  For new distributors who purchase any Gold PAK ($299, $599, or $750 option), Shaklee will give that new business builder an extra three months of personal website access to hit the ground running with a new Shaklee business. So thats 6 months of your own Shaklee website!!  These are fantastic offers that won't be around for long.