Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The List

Like I mentioned earlier, I try to do one big cleaning project per week.  Sometimes that works great but other times I am able to get more than one thing done in a week.  I think it's really important to make a list to keep yourself organized when you are going to attempt a large clean.  My list is usually the same every year but there have been some additions like power washing the kids outdoor toys, reorganizing the garage and things that we didn't have to do before the kids.  My list for this year is pretty complete and I thought I would share it.  I will do a post of before and afters each time I finish something on the list.
1.  In, behind and the sides of the oven.
2.  Interior and top of the refrigerator.
3.  Screens and window sills.
4.  Deep clean my car. (probably the scariest on the list)
5. Wash all bedding, including vacuuming the mattresses.
6. Organize the garage.
7.  Power wash the screened in porch and toys that were left outside.
8.  Wipe down baseboards and walls.
9.  Vacuum couches.
10.  Wash throw rugs.

I am going to print this list out and put it on my bulletin board so I can check things off.  It feels so great to check off, actually I might even cross off!!!!
OK so this is the first step in getting ready to clean...make your list...
Am I forgetting anything???


  1. love this idea Jill...also love the bulletin board idea!!

  2. I have been in my house a little over a year now and feel like I need to take on some of these projects, like behind fridge etc...before they get out of control.
    This is a great way to start! Love it.

  3. Jess, the bulletin board is amazing, easy and was so inexpensive to make. Let me know if you need help:)
    Car, you could knock out most of these things in one or two nap times...I know your work ethic, girl!

  4. Okay so tomorrow is going to be a wait..huge cleaning/straightening up day. We moved the kids in together and it is so not working. So we are changing rooms around and redoing our room for Lizzy. So I want to make a bulletin board...maybe small ones for the kids' rooms and one big one for me. Where do you get the board you used??? never heard of that material before. My goal tonight is to make a list to get through this week before Jeff leaves for his Saints missions trip!!!

  5. So fun, Jess!!!! I bought the homasote at a store in Medford called DuBell Lumber. They were awesome, they even cut it down for free for me. I had two small pieces left over so you could probably just buy one piece and make one large and two small from that. I would love to feature you on the blog with before and after pics so take lots!!! Let me know if you need any help;)

  6. THx jill...just started cleaning out one room this morning. Hoping to get our stuuf in their today and paint lizzys new room tomorrow. I will get plenty of pix.

  7. Great ideas Jill, some things you never think about. Just wait for any outside cleaning until the "green slim" is over in pine areas!!