Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big Change

I am getting rid of my playroom and I feel like dancing!  The toys have over taken our lives and my kids don't even play with them!  I find toys in every room of the house left abandoned.  Sometimes they take things out for less than a minute.  I am going to majorly reduce/ get rid of toys and even some of the furniture in their rooms.  Each child will get to keep their favorite toys in their bedroom and that is where they can play:)  Contentment is a struggle in this house and I feel like part of the reason is all of the "stuff" that the kids have.  I have really been praying about contentment and the kids hearts and this is one solution that I really feel God laid on my heart.  Tomorrow I will take some pics of the playroom now and keep you updated on the progress as time goes on.
This might sound mean but really they don't play with their toys anyway and I think that it will make things so much better for all of us!  Stay tuned...

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  1. so funny! I was in that mood yesterday. I am in the process of getting Kyle's room organized and in place. I was so in the mood to redo, clean, and do some organizing shopping. Went to home goods and a few antique stores and got some things to help me with a project in kyle's room. Soo fun, isn't it?