Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Great Redo

I am constantly rearranging and cleaning, decluttering and reorganizing...join me in a challenge!  I am going to attempt to do one thing each day in the house to make things "better."  We finished the Christmas toy overhaul and putting things back, getting rid of things and getting our lives in order.  I have started to keep more things in Jack's room.  I made a big pile of things to go up there and when I dropped it off in his room and looked around-well see for yourself!  I really can't believe I am going to share this embarrassing picture but hopefully the after will make up for it!
 Apparently telling my 4 year old to clean his room with little to no direction results in a very messy bookshelf!
 My kids love to play sleep...hence two unmade beds!
 A toy organizer that I am OVER!
I am not a spender...especially not on furniture for the kids rooms.  Jack has all of my husbands furniture from when he was a child and I love it!  This End Up made such quality things.  We have a lot of things from a neighbor, too but some things are broken and time to be tossed!

The AFTER!!!
 It looks really fresh and streamlined.  The tag on the quilt is driving me crazy but that's a quick fix
 I got rid of all of the books except what would fit on one shelf.  It makes it much easier for Jack to put them away on his own.
This is his reading chair.  Now that it's in a better spot he uses it more.  I am in the process of some wall art and I will post when I am finished.
What do you think?  Do you keep toys in your children's rooms?  How do you organize what is in there?

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  1. I have a couple of antique suitcases in Kyle's room that store puzzles. They are the perfect size to store the Melissa and Doug puzzles. We don't loose any pieces anymore. The suitcases are great at storing books too and really any toys, but we mainly use them for the puzzles.