Monday, December 6, 2010

My Favorite Thing

This is one of my top three organizational tools in my home.  It's a huge bulletin board that I made and hung in my laundry room.  How did I make it?  It was so easy and so cheap...only cost about $25.  I went to the local lumber store and got them to cut a large piece of homasote.  Homasote is a thick cardboard type of wood.  The best part about it is that you can stick thumb tacks right in it.  I bought a large piece of fabric and stapled it to the back.  To hang it on the wall, I nailed one nail in each corner.  I am not crafty at all so if I say this was easy, it was!
So, what do I use it for?  EVERYTHING!  I stick business cards on it, school calendars, prescriptions, receipts, invitations, anything that I want to have easy access to that I don't want to get put into a pile.  About once a week I "purge" anything that has expired or that we don't need anymore.  I like it because I can tack stuff anywhere and it still looks cute.  When I come inside from anywhere, my first stop is to hang up mail, coupons or items that I brought in from the car.  I don't like anything on my refrigerator so this is great for that too.

I am thinking of changing the fabric soon.  I liked this one because it was fun for my laundry room.  You have to be careful about fabrics that have patterns that can only go one way.  A lot of choices were eliminated for me because I couldn't use any patterns that went up and down.  Hope you like it!

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