Saturday, December 4, 2010

Winter Gear

If you live anywhere where it gets cold you know that taking out all of the winter gear is such a pain!  Last year I felt like I could never find matching gloves, there were hats that were too big, too small and going outside was just a mess.  So I revamped this year.  Each child got two sets of mittens and hats.  I gave everyone (including my husband and myself) one bin for all of the winter stuff.  I put the bins in a cabinet in our laundry room and so far it has been great.  When we leave, I assess the weather, get out the necessary clothes and when we get home I put everything back.  Staying organized does require some time but really it's under five minutes and worth it to put everything away as soon as you are finished with it.
Here is a picture of the bins:
The colored bins on top are the kids socks.  Obviously pink for the girls and blue for the boys.  The clear bins have the winter gear.  I have the boys stacked on top of each other because of space issues.  In the summer I am going to use the bins for their summer hats, sun glasses and things of that nature.
Let me know if this is a practical tip.  I would also love any feedback about a different way to organize this stuff:)


  1. Another blog to follow - yay! I have a hanging shoe organizer in our coat closet - the little cubbies are perfect for hats, mitten, scarves, baseball hats, etc and make it easy to see everything.

  2. oh beth, I love that idea! I might try that upstairs in Brooke's room for hair accessories and all that "girly" stuff that at age 2 she is already accumulating!

  3. This is awesome... I'm taking notes :)

  4. I also have organized our hall closet. I use old wire locker baskets. The four of us have our own basket and there is a number on them. I put the hats, gloves, scarves in them. I like them because you can see through them and it makes it easy to see.

    Like these:

  5. Maureen, I love that each basket has a number...good idea! Oh I love this blog already and I have so many new ideas:)

  6. Love the shoe organizer idea! Gotta try that!