Sunday, December 5, 2010


So like I said earlier, I have three young children and I do have a *slight* tendency to flip out when things get messy and disorganized.  So when my first became a toddler I started making some "house rules".  I think they really save me even more cleaning and they teach the kids a little about organization.
1.  The first rule is that the kids are only allowed to eat while sitting at the kitchen table and drinks are allowed in the kitchen only.  This has made a huge difference for so many reasons.  First, my oldest LOVES to eat and snack so if he wants something he knows he has to stop playing and come to the table.  He doesn't ask as often and when he does snack he will sit and eat the whole thing instead of grazing.  Second, I don't find crumbs in many places except the kitchen (and there are a lot) so my sweeping doesn't take as long.  I hope that this will instill life long healthy eating habits, too.
2.  Each child gets one cup in the morning and they use the same one all day.  I was losing sippy cups left and right but not any more!  Oh and washing them is such a pain!  I line up the cups on the counter and the kids can drink from them as often as they want as long as they come into the kitchen.  The two oldest use regular cups for the most part but if we are going to be in the car for an extended period of time I will fill sippy's in the morning.  They have to bring the sippy's inside after we get home and use them for the rest of the day.
3.  We don't wear shoes in the house so as soon as we come in, the kids take their shoes off and put them into their bins in the laundry room.  I always know where their shoes are and we aren't dragging in dirt and leaves.

4.  I strip the kids down in the laundry room so they can put their clothes right into the laundry sorter.  They love the naked run up to the tub at night:)
I hope these are helpful.  Like I said before they have helped me so much!

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