Monday, February 21, 2011

The Kid's Drawer

This project literally took ten minutes and it created lots of extra room for me.  This is a drawer in my kitchen that I use to keep the kids lunch boxes, utensils, plates and some other random kid stuff.  I have another spot for cups and bowls but that's for a different day.  When I opened the drawer yesterday it really started bothering me.  So today I made a simple change...
The how to~
1. Empty everything onto a space big enough to spread out if needed

2. Sort through any random things and decide if things can get tossed or put in a more appropriate spot.

(after I sorted through this bin I was able to either move or throw out everything in it!!!)
3.  Move things to their new home.
 this pile got moved upstairs with tolietries and hair accessories
I put some of the things in my first aid bin
4.  Start to put things back
 lunch boxes now fit into the old basket of random things
5. Enjoy your new space:)

So one more time all together~
Oh what to do with all this new space?!

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  1. Fine! I'll organize my "kid" stuff tomorrow... must be done. And now you inspired me!