Friday, February 25, 2011


My family switched over to organic products about 3 years ago.  We took it slow at first but now almost all of our produce and all of our dairy and meat (grass fed) is organic.  I found myself shopping at two different stores every week.  The produce at my "everything" store isn't that great so I was trekking over to Whole Foods, which is obviously amazing.  But taking two grocery trips with 3 kids is not amazing.  So I found a co op called Suburban Organics.  It is AWESOME!  Fresh, organic and sometimes local produce for a reasonable price.  I love it!
Here is how it works: you choose the size and type box that you want.  For example, you can get all fruit boxes, all veggie boxes or mixed.  I get a medium sized fruit box and that is perfect for my family of 5.  Keep in mind, we do eat a lot of fruit and use greens for our smoothies almost everyday.  Anyway, on Fridays, I get an email detailing the contents of the box.  I have an opportunity to sub out certain items and choose different things.  This week I decided to sub out some of the oranges for kale, the bananas for spinach and the lemon for extra apples.  That's where my work ends!
Then on Wednesdays the box gets delivered to the head of the co op (who conviently lives 3 minutes from me) and I go pick it up.
I love it for so many reasons.  First, it's organic, local and super fresh.  Second, it's much more convient for me than going to two different stores.  Third, I get a variety of produce and sometimes things that I wouldn't think to buy on my own.  And finally, I feel good about what I am doing for my family.
So good! If you are interested, I can give you the name of my co-op so you can receive the co-op discounted rate:)

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