Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Night Satisfaction

The weekends are huge in our house for family time.  We spend a lot of time together doing a lot of just being together:)  I also take full advantage of having my husband home.  Sunday nights are usually really quiet for us.  Monday mornings start the chaos of breakfast, lunch for hubby and just getting the week underway.  Most weekday mornings start at 6 am for me and by 8:30 I am already worn out!!! So all of that being said, I love to take about a half an hour on Sunday night to totally clean the kitchen.  I use Scour Off to do my stove top and sink and Basic H for the granite, Keurig, floors, cabinets and appliances.  It's so great that I can use two products to do my whole kitchen!  I put on my little radio and actually enjoy the time.  But the best is the reward of a good feeling when I get into bed and starting Monday off with one less thing to do!

1 comment:

  1. you really are amazing!!!! your kitchen looks soooo beautiful. Where's the clutter? lol