Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Medicine Cabinet

I wish I had some before pictures but really, it's probably best that I don't!  I have a cabinet in my kitchen that I put our vitamins, band aids (we have millions!!!), other first aid items and any kind of medicine.  I tried using wire baskets, I tried lining everything up, I tried to keep the kids stuff separate from the adults and it was always a mess no matter what.  My husband would ask where something was and begin rooting around and that would create a bigger mess.  It was the cabinet that I was embarrassed to open if people came over.  I think I probably got real weird when someone would ask for a band-aid:)  So when I saw these at Bed Bath and Beyond I knew they would be perfect.

  Don't you love how streamlined they are!  The products can just get thrown in and the cabinet still looks great.  

 I made a first aid bin, a kid's vitamin bin, an adult vitamin bin and a medicine bin.  It makes finding things really easy.
 I just grab down the entire bin and then put it back when I found what I need.
  How do you organize your medicine cabinet?  Does it need help?  I would love to see them...


  1. Jill, love the baskets by the way! To make a little handy craft to differentiate the baskets, you could be as nerdy as you want to be. For instance, you can buy these sheets that let you print on them and then iron them on to fabric. It looks like those baskets are fabric and you could print either the content's words and iron them on, or even pictures to communicate what's inside. Or if you don't want something that permanent, you could just get small squares of solid color fabric (color code the bins?) and use a sharpie to write what you want to label them with, and then pin it on with straight pins or safety pins. Fun!

  2. Great idea, Lisa! I thought about tags with cute ribbon...maybe I can post an update if I change the bins...! So glad to have your insight:)