Monday, April 11, 2011

Behind the Fridge

Last night my hubs spilled a glass of water and most it went under the refrigerator.  So nothing like a Sunday night project that involved cleaning behind/ under the fridge.  I had been waiting to do this so that D could help me move the fridge.  When he did, I felt like crying and throwing you want to see what was under my refridgerator in my "clean" home???
We were both so grossed out...

 But really ten minutes later with the help of my Dyson and a little Basic H...

I know that I rave about Basic H, but really...look at the floors!  There was sticky stuff and dust and ick! I just love love love how it doesn't have a smell either...if you are considering switching to healthy cleaning products, this is the way to go!!!


  1. umm...behind the fridge is a scary thing...we have only been in our house for 2 years but I am scared to look back are brave!

  2. I just did our "behind the fridge" cleaning 2 mos ago with the inspiration of your blog and it was disgusting, but so fun to clean!