Wednesday, April 27, 2011


 In the boxes are supplies that would normally be kept in a "junk" drawer.  I love white boxes to hide stuff!
 Using all one color dishes is an easy way to make your cabinets look really streamlined.

This is the top part of her "pantry".  Not too special but I love these big glass containers that hold flour, sugar and another mystery white baking substance;)


  1. Super jealous of your CLEAN and organized dish/cabinets. I have ONE that is glass and that one stays clean and organized but behind the wooden doors that you can't see through..COMPLETE and UTTER chaos. Oh well. you have my intrigued about the shaklee products...but this is coming from a girl who uses lysol wipes to clean her ass I love them SO much- i also have a DEEP DEEP routed affection for windex. Talk to me...tell me more.

  2. sent you a message via facebook;)