Monday, April 4, 2011

Featured Organizer!

I am sooo excited to post my first "featured" organizer!  My friend, Jess, has recently started a new blog that is fabulous!  It May Be One Messy Life, But It's Mine (great title) is a fun blog about one mommy's journey and her quest for organizing.  Jess sent me these pictures of her before and afters and they look great!
Here is the before shot of her kitchen counter:

 And the after shot:

 Love the flowers, they brighten up the room!

I love how Jess tackled a small area in her home and made it look so great!  I am hoping to feature more of her before and afters as she continues her journey:)  Stop by and follow her blog~

So one more time!

And AFTER!!!!

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  1. Thanks Jill I am going to feature this on my blog too. You inspired my diving into small space organizing by one of your posts last month. Thanks for the encouragement!